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The Scoring Third is the leader in coverage of Orlando City Soccer Club with exclusive interviews with players and  team officials, news on stadium developments, and the team's push to join Major League Soccer.

While we remain focused on Orlando we continue to expand our coverage into all the latest topics in soccer with our regular coverage of the English Premier League, player interviews in our "11 Questions" series, and those random off-the-wall topics you will only find here.

Our team is growing and if you want get paid in pride instead of money, drop us a line at feedback@scoringthird.com and tell us why we should add you. 

Adam Henckler
Founder/Lead Writer
Email: ahenckler@scoringthird.com
Twitter: @AdamHenckler

Adam has been covering soccer since 2009 and founded The Scoring Third in 2010 as a way to offer a more personal way to connect supporters and fans to news on their favorite teams. His passion is covering stadium and expansion stories as well as some of the statistical pieces that fall through the cracks of mainstream media. He has been a supporter of Manchester City for over a decade and is also a fan of Orlando City, Seattle Sounders, and GPS Portland Phoenix.

Alan Lockrem
Orlando City Reporter

Bringing actual playing experience to our staff, Alan Lockrem is all-wise and all-knowing. Whether it be historical EPL references, trips back to the original NASL, or a delicious casserole recipe Alan will drop some knowledge. His favorite teams include Newcastle United, USMNT, Orlando City, and Barcelona. Test his soccer knowledge anytime via email or messenger pigeon.

Zach Gamble
Orlando City Reporter
Email: zgamble@scoringthird.com
Twitter: @zachwgamble 

Why so serious? Because that's how this guy takes his soccer. Everything "The Gambler" does in life relates back to the beautiful game somehow. With him you will get a fresh look from someone who has the utmost respect and passion for the real football. The only time you won't find him taking the sport too seriously is on an Orlando City match day with a full 90 minutes of chanting behind the goal mouth.

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