KBS Commitment to 平等 and 多样性 

The KBS is fully committed to establishing and maintaining an ethos of dignity and respect for all within a day-to-day culture of promoting equality of opportunity across all activities.  Having received the Athena Swan Bronze Award in 2019, the school is committed to further engaging with the Athena Swan process through to 2023 when we will seek reaccreditation. The 平等 and 多样性 Committee meet regularly each semester to review actions which facilitate the achievement of a more inclusive and equal organisation for staff and students. As part of the process we work closely with the institutional lead and other faculties to ensure that as a business school, we contribute to the development of best practice in diversity and inclusion across the university.  

KBS平等 and 多样性 Committee


  • Dr Caroline  Murphy (Co- Chair), Department of Work and Employment Studies
  • Dr Christine Cross (Co- Chair), Department of Work and Employment Studies
  • Ita Page, KBS Accreditation Manager 
  • Michelle Carroll, KBS Accreditation Officer
  • Mary Finucane, KBS Faculty Manager
  • Mary Heuston, KBS Special Projects Officer
  • Elaine Mullane, PA to the Executive Dean, KBS
  • Cian O'Shea, PhD Scholar
  • Paolo Yaranon, PhD Scholar
  • Dr Martin Cunneen, Department of 会计 and 金融
  • Dr Orla McCullagh, Department of 会计 and 金融
  • Erin King, Department of 会计 and 金融
  • Dr Olubunmi Ipinnaiye, Department of 经济学
  • Dr Briga Hynes, Department of 管理 and 市场营销 
  • Dr Elaine Berkery, Department of 管理 and 市场营销 
  • Dr John Walsh, Department of 管理 and 市场营销
  • Dr Michael O'Brien, Department of 管理 and 市场营销
  • Prof Donald Truxillo, Department of Work and Employment Studies

Bronze Athena Swan Award 

The KBS was awarded a Bronze Athena SWAN award (under the expanded charter) in 2019. This award recognises work undertaken to address gender equality, 在莱, 艺术, 人文学科, 社会科学, business and law (AHSSBL), and in professional and support roles, and for trans staff and students. The KBS was the first business school in 爱尔兰 to achieve this award.

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