Wednesday, July 10, 2013

CJ Sapong heading to Orlando City?

According to sources this evening, it appears that Major League Soccer's (MLS) Rookie of the Year for 2011, CJ Sapong, is heading to Orlando City for the remainder of the season as part of a loan deal with Sporting KC. 

I asked Orlando City officials for a comment on the rumored loan deal and they refused until an official announcement was made by the club and I was unable to get a comment from Sporting KC before publishing this post.

However, it appears that Sapong himself may have spilled the beans of his transfer via Twitter late this afternoon when he posted "#Raaa #Lions" and then quickly deleted the tweet a short time later.

Just two weeks ago Sporting KC recalled Dom Dwyer after leading the Lions and USLPRO with 15 goals in just 13 matches. As part of the arrangement between MLS and USLPRO the parent club can recall a player up until July 30th as long as a replacement player is provided to the lower club before that date. Dwyer could be paired with Claudio Bieler, the designated player from Argentina, up top for Kansas City meaning Sapong could see reduced playing time.

From an entertainment stand point, Sapong is probably as close to Dwyer as Orlando City fans can get. We had a chance to interview CJ last season after his blistering start to the 2012 season and it is worth a read.

No word yet on who the second player would be from Sporting KC to replace Yann Songo who was released by the club just over a week ago.


  1. First time I have heard anything concrete on how this loan was supposed to work, regarding maintaining 4 loan players at Orlando City. Hopefully, they have an amazing right back they can spare.

  2. With Mechak Jerome out on Gold Cup duty, I don't think SKC has a Right Back they can spare. After the Gold Cup, sending someone like Kevin Ellis (Homegrown player in need of minutes) might be a perfect fit and exactly why this deal was made.

  3. Kevin Ellis has begun seeing some minutes for Sporting and I believe had an assist in the game he started last week. I would be surprised if he were sent to Orlando.

  4. Ellis' minutes are do to an injury concern with Seth Sinovic, who has been nursing a hamstring problem for the last several weeks. Not saying Ellis will go down just stating as to why he has seen and increase in minutes as of late.

  5. Ellis is on his way to Orlando.

  6. Wow, confident and specific anonymous comment!

    Sincerely, another anonymous commentor

  7. Already on his Wikipedia page

    Sincerely, the same other anonymous commentor as above

  8. i'm expecting the other player to be kyle miller


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