Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Brett Lashbrook joins Orlando City

Orlando City Soccer Club announced early Wednesday morning that Brett Lashbrook would be leaving his position with Major League Soccer (MLS) to join the club and help with the franchise's push towards expansion. Lashbrook has spent the last 7 years serving as the special assistant to MLS Commissioner Don Garber and has been a key figure in the New York City FC (NYCFC) franchise and stadium efforts.

I spoke to officials with Orlando City a short time ago and confirmed that Lashbrook left MLS on his own accord when presented with the opportunity to join the club. As recently as two weeks ago, during the NYCFC annoucement, Lashbrook was an active part of the ceremonies and press conference for MLS. With the NYCFC franchise now in place, it appears the timing was right for Lashbrook to move on to another venture and his career will now continue in Orlando.

The addition of Lashbrook is effective June 10th and is a very important move for the club in what will likely be the final few months of funding and public support organization before Orlando City's MLS bid is released. His role with the club will likely be similar to his position at MLS, spearheading the expansion negotiations as well as working on developing the stadium plan. It is important to note that Lashbrook was one of just three lobbyists registered under MLS in New York, behind Commissioner Garber and League President Mark Abbott.

We will update this story as more information becomes available, but early signs point towards this being a big move for Orlando City's push to join MLS.


  1. This can only be taken as positive news!

  2. Take this for what you will, but I am told that Lashbrook wanted to move to a franchise within the league to expand his resume having worked the corporate side for almost 7 years. Wait a second, Orlando City isn't in the league, oh...

  3. To me this says it's a done deal. He didn't move here to be part of a minor league soccer franchise.

  4. Ladies and gentlemen, NOTHING is a done deal until it's actually done, but this is very promising. GO CITY!


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