Friday, February 22, 2013

Talking Orlando City on NASN Radio

For those who caught our posts on Facebook and Twitter, I had the chance to be a guest on "The Big Question" show on NASN Radio last night talking all about Orlando City and the club's efforts to bring Major League Soccer to Central Florida.

What was suppose to be a panel discussion between myself (representing Orlando) and another blogger (representing MLS NY2) ended up being a roughly 40 minute presentation on how Orlando City came about, what the new ownership offers, supporters, and so much more.

And while host Aaron Stollar had some technical difficulties throughout the broadcast I think the show was a big success and should provide a lot of positive information about Orlando City and the soccer scene in Central Florida to a national audience.

I suggest checking out the podcast which you can stream HERE or by looking for "NASN Big Question Show" and Episode 18 on iTunes. Thanks again to everyone who tuned in and emailed/tweeted questions during the broadcast.

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  1. Great piece Adam, you sounded great!


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