Tuesday, January 8, 2013

High School Stories: Seacrabs travel inland to Trojans

On a night filled with a dreadful mix of rain, cold, and wind, the battle for Class 4A, District Five gold continued off of Silver Star Road. The mist floated down and continued to soak the already torn up field at Evans High stadium. With the giant “E” barely visible (after Junior Varsity matchup saw the home team beat traveling Daytona Beach Seabreeze 2-0), the older gentlemen of the Varsity squad made their way onto the field for warmups. 

With the Evans' boys getting a little taste of fame from the Orlando Sentinel earlier in the morning, they were ready and focused to continue their path to grabbing the Number One seed spot for districts. As the boys took to the field, some made their final stretches as others made sure their dreadlocks were tied up tight. The man in yellow blew his whistle and the biggest game of both sides’ season was underway. 

The Trojans seemed to get off to an unusually slow start. Not being used to such high level competition (both schools equal records of 9-1) could have had a lot to do with it. As the boys in red pushed forward and put pressure on the home side’s defense, the Evans’ back four looked to not be settling in quite quick enough for the pace this match was going to bring. 

It did not take long for the Sandcrabs attack to finally break down the home side. A through ball directly down the middle put the Daytona forward #6 on the wrong side of the defender as he was able to out pace him for an easy slot past the Evans keeper to put his side ahead after 12 minutes. 

Going down 1-0 was an immediate wake up call for the boys in white. They began to play their game of quick, short passes and immediate, physical pressure to win the ball back. After about fifteen minutes of not seeing the ball too much (despite a few nervy chances around the eighteen yard box for the away side), things began to get a little more aggressive. Seabreeze attempted to equal the physical nature of the home side with tackles flying left and right. 

The back and forth fight between the two top sides in the district led the half to end 1-0.

An extra fire lit under the feet allowed the Trojans to find their equalizer after  just eleven minutes into the half (51’). An attempted ball over the top of a Sandcrabs defender was won off his head again by Evans’ #11 and slotted underneath the keeper. 

It would only be a mere two minutes later as the boys in white would find their winning goal in the 53rd minute. Evans’ #10 winger won the ball off a Seabreeze defender and played it across the box to the waiting Forward #7 who rocketed the ball into the roof of the net. 

Hard challenges began to pick up more and more as the match went on; both sides equally wanting another goal. In the 67th minute Evans’ #18 received a yellow card for a misplaced shoulder in the back. After several challenges and chances by the Sandcrabs in the waning minutes of the game, the whistle blew and Evans High came one step closer to district champions. 

Next Games: 
Seabreeze vs. Mainlaind (A)
Evans vs. West Orange (H) 

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  1. Keep up the great work. Good stuff.

  2. Why are you anonymous?! I need to know who to say thank you to!


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