Tuesday, December 4, 2012

High School Stories: Trojans take on Bears

"The Gambler" & Coach Elie
(left to right)
Last night a second trip of the Winter high school season was made out to Silver Star Road. While the first visit had meaning with supporting my Iron Lion Firm brothers on both sides, this time there was a different feeling. Under the Monday night lights on another cool night, my former high school Winter Springs took on the still undefeated Evans High. After one of their best seasons in school history, I wondered if my Bears could knock the Trojans off their horse. 
As the players took the field and  a whistle blew, both teams looked to be evenly matched. The boys in white would have a spell of possession, then the boys in purple would keep the ball for some time. Both sides were putting immediate pressure on the opposing players and making it a physical match. After several meetings of battling each other for control, it was Winter Springs that got the break. A trip by an Evans defender gave the Away side a chance at a free kick from about twenty yards out. 

It was midfielder Kevin Lavarie who confidently stepped to the spot. As the wall of white shirts lined up, the Bears player had his eye on goal. A curling ball over the line of players and towards the far post got him just that as he put his side up 1-0 (8th minute). As play continued, neither school showed any signs of letting up. Every player giving it their all to win every ball. 
Hard work finally paid off for the home side, though. A series of passes got the Trojans into the opposing box where the ball was deflected loose by a Winter Springs defender. Bazil Beneco pounced on the loose ball and slotted it home to give his boys the equalizer in the 24th minute. Evans then began to pick up the tempo and really use their speed. It paid off for them in the 35th minute. An on-the-run cross put in from the left side found Beneco’s head for his second of the night. 

Evans and Winter Springs went into the halftime with a scoreline of 2-1 to the Home team. 

Not giving the Bears time to recover, the boys in white put the pressure on from the first whistle and found gold in the 41st minute. Alberto Escobedo found himself on the right side of the box where he laced one low and hard near post barely squeezing it by keeper Conner Utereiner. After going behind two goals the fouls started to build up on both sides. A few yellow cards began to come out of the referee’s pocket. 

The continued pressure and determination to match physical play with Evans gave Winter Springs an opportunity in the 64th minute. After a second attempt at a long throw into the box, midfielder Andrew Travis’ managed to toss it into a spot where a scramble finally allowed Biz to force the ball across the line. The boys in purple continued to push for the final equalizer in the waning seconds as a free kick was sent into the box. A headed clearance and buzzer meant the night was done, though. Evans High goes on to remain undefeated at the unfortunate expense of my Winter Springs Bears. 

Feel free to leave your comments or thoughts below. Tune in next Monday for another edition of High School Stories! 


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