Tuesday, November 13, 2012

MLS Purchases MLStoQUEENS.com

If you were following us on Twitter or Facebook this afternoon you saw us break this news, that Major League Soccer has purchased the domain name "MLStoQUEENS.com". While researching for an upcoming article on MLS to Queens, ironically enough, I stumbled across this site and saw that it only recently went live.

A back check of the ownership information through DomainTools.com shows Major League Soccer, LLC registered the domain name on September 19th, but only in the last few days has the site gone live. The site currently holds a user feedback form where people can provide their contact information to stay up-to-date on the effort to bring a team to Queens. MLS President Mark Abbott's favorite catch-phrase of, "the world's game in the world's park" referring the the preferred Flushing Meadows stadium site we've discussed previously.

Now for our fans in Orlando who might be a little worked up over this news, RELAX. The league owns hundreds of domain names like various versions of the team names as well as things like CityFC.com and other potential brand names.

It's no secret that Major League Soccer wants to build a new stadium in Queens, but as they get into the final push to line up political support for the project the website acts as an engine to gain some public backing as well. The biggest issue that continues to face the project is the required land swap since the facility would be on public park lands, MLS would need to provide a suitable replacement somewhere else in Queens.


  1. Orlando has bigger hurdles than NY2 and frankly San Antonio is way ahead too.

  2. If the MLS was serious about Orlando wouldn't they be doing things like this for Orlando. Heck they don't even promote the MLS teams that come to Disney for preseason. Not liking our chances anytime soon. Hopefully ownership hopes aren't dashed and we still get a new stadium. By the way any news on a site yet?


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