Friday, November 9, 2012

Front Money Friday: Premier League Week 11

Welcome your evening addition of Front Money Friday. Tonight we will take a look at the upcoming weekend fixtures in the Barclays Premier League. Looks like there will be a couple big match-ups at the top of the table along with some classic rivalries brewing. Here are this week's predictions... 

Arsenal vs. Fulham 
Coming off a solid Champions League fixture against Schalke 04 (feature America's very own Jermaine Jones), where they tied 2-2, Arsenal look set for the weekend fixture. Jack is back in action and in the commentators' mouths constantly. Fulham are sitting steady at middle table still. 
The Gamble: Arsenal 

Everton vs. Sunderland 
To put it in blunt, slang terms: Fellaini is a beast. He just keeps racing up goal after goal for the boys in blue. Darren Fletcher has been pretty potent for Sunderland this season as well. At times carrying the team on his shoulders. Looks to be a striker versus striker this weekend. Who will come out on top? 
The Gamble: Everton 

Reading vs. Norwich City 
After a win over Tottenham in the Carling Cup leading up to a win over Stoke City in league play, Norwich City are looking in form at the moment. Reading have drawn their last two league games and looked fairly solid against Arsenal (as solid as they can look against a top club). 
The Gamble: A Draw

Southampton vs. Swansea City 
The Saints continue to struggle in the top flight. Similar to Norwich City last season, they are lacking players with top flight experience. Except Norwich City finished in the middle of the table their first season in the Premier League. Doesn't look the boys in red will have that luck. 
The Gamble: Swansea City 

Stoke City vs. Queens Park Rangers 
Stoke City may have been shutout by a struggling Canaries side, but that won't slow them down at all. With Shawcross and Cameron (USA! USA! USA!) in the back and some tall and big guys up front, they look well fit for this weekend. Queens Park Rangers just cannot seem to get that three points to rid themselves of relegation. 
The Gamble: Stoke City

Wigan Athletic vs. West Bromwich Albion 
The tale of two clubs... Wigan were having a great season, one of their best in a long time, last year. Now it looks to be West Brom's turn: having their best season ever. It will be an interesting battle between two similar clubs on Saturday. 
The Gamble: West Bromwich Albion 

Manchester City vs. Tottenham Hotspur 
Surely to be one of the fixtures of the weekend right here. Two world-class clubs going head-to-head. The 'elder' manager takes on the young gun. European competitions are at stake. League championships are at stake. 
The Gamble: Manchester City 

Newcastle United vs. West Ham United 
A solid northern club takes on the London lads recently back in the top flight. The Hammers have been great with their first season back. It's almost like they never left. Newcastle continue to push on as they always do. Putting up a fight, a struggle with every team they encounter. 
The Gamble: West Ham United

Chelsea vs. Liverpool 
London takes on Liverpool. Will The Blues regain their top spot in the table? Or will Liverpool continue their recent form and continue their climb to back into the top half of the table? The Uruguayan battles the Spaniard for goals. The Brazilians take on the Englishmen. 
The Gamble: Chelsea 

Manchester United vs. Aston Villa
The Gamble: Manchester United 


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