Monday, November 26, 2012

Front Money Friday: Premier League Week 14

Not used to seeing Front Money Friday on a Monday are you? Yes, I know it's not Friday... But this week's series was destine to be carried over into the beginning of this week with another entire set of fixtures starting tomorrow and ending Wednesday. More great matchups are to be played out this week and the storylines will continue to grow. Let us take a look at of my Week 14 predictions. 

Sunderland vs. Queens Park Rangers
Both clubs suffered defeats over the weekend, but the other London boys started out somewhat strong against Manchester United. That was until United got into their usual rhythm and ended the match 3-1. The Rangers are still sitting empty in the "W" column. Sunderland came out with no points as well, but have an overall better season so far. Times are not looking good for the blue & whites. 
The Gamble: Sunderland 

Aston Villa vs. Reading 
Aston Villa may have gotten a point out of Arsenal, but they look to be hitting a rough patch. Where as the boys of Reading suffered a narrow 3-2 defeat to an on fire Jordi Gomez hat trick. They look to be on the rise despite their temporary drop back into the relegation zone. I am confident al three newly promoted teams will avoid dropping back down. 
The Gamble: Reading 

Chelsea vs. Fulham
Despite all the drama and distractions going on around Stamford Bridge, they looked to have held their own against the League Champions over the weekend. They will return there this week to face fellow London outfit Fulham. The Blues should have a few more chances on goal than before with a few going into the net. A three points would come with it if they can't keep the opposing Berbatov off their backs. 
The Gamble: Chelsea 

Everton vs. Arsenal 
The Gunners take a trip a to Goodison Park this week. They may have kept out goals at Villa Park over the weekend, but that will not be the case here. Everton are still in solid form despite the recent tie and are usually pretty strong at home. As long as Timmy can keep training hard and keep his bald head on straight, The Toffees should be in good shape. 
The Gamble: Everton 

Southampton vs. Norwich City
Who finally got out of the red zone?! Southampton did! This looks to give them some confidence and hopefully they will move on up from here. They welcome the second team to St. Mary's of the week, as The Canaries make the trip a little further south. Looking to have gained a little spark lately, the Southampton fans will have a few sparks too: playing at home against a now pumped up crowd and being free from relegation. 
The Gamble: Southampton 

Stoke City vs. Newcastle United
Orlando City owner Phil Rawlins' hometown club look to be on the rise as of late. No surprise with our solid American defensemen Geoff Cameron holding down the right alongside England international Shawcross. They look to play host to a recently struggling Newcastle who have dropped a few spots. Can The Potters backline hold it down while Crouch finds the back of the other net? 
The Gamble: Stoke City

Swansea City vs. West Bromwich Albion 
Swansea City are looking good. But West Brom are definitely looking better. It is unbelievable how this club has come out of nowhere and currently are set to play in next year's Champions League. They are third in the table behind two powerhouse Manchester clubs. With a loss by both the latter clubs and a win by them, they could move a point behind United in 1st. It should be a good test for both Swansea and West Brom though.
The Gamble: West Bromwich Albion 

Tottenham Hotspur vs. Liverpool
It's Dempsey versus Suarez: United States versus Uruguay. Will the Spurs have their way at home? Or will The Reds continue their climb back up the table? Tottenham may have cracked their winless streak over the weekend, but Liverpool look to be on the up & up. Brendan Rodgers continues to rebuild and rise to the skies. 
The Gamble: Liverpool 

*Part 2 sponsored by the City of Manchester*

Manchester United vs. West Ham United
The Gamble: Manchester United
Wigan Athletic vs. Manchester City
The Gamble: Manchester City

Do you agree with my predictions or have your own? Feel free to let me know in the comments below. Stay tuned next Friday for Week 14 of Front Money Friday! 


  1. Dempsey versus Suarez? Except Spurs' strongest attacking options are Defoe, Bale, and Lennon with a now fit Dembele pulling strings again (rather tha Dempsey who's been hot and cold). That, and Liverpool played a goal-less game against Swansea. I don't think it'll be an easy match for either team, but calling it for Liverpool because they're on the up and up when it's sporadic at best seems a bit of a stretch.

  2. My main point of that was to add an American flair for our local readers, to be honest. Of course Defoe & Bale have been very consistent for Spurs. Dempsey has had some good moments as well, though. Like his assist for Bale's goal this past weekend: a great touch. I think as time goes on and he gels more with the guys around him (particularly Defoe & Bale), he will have the success he did at Fulham.

    As far as Liverpool, a scoreless draw against Swansea is nothing to be ashamed of. They have become a quality side. "Up & up" was referring to the league table itself. Tottenham have been somewhat sporadic as well. If you follow the Premier League closely, I'm sure you know anything can happen.

    *Not here to take sides or be biased of which teams I support (I'm pretty neutral all across the soccer world for the record). Just making my predictions and, as you can see, sometimes a "gamble". I really appreciate your thoughts and input. Please feel free to counter my predictions whenever you'd like!


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