Friday, November 23, 2012

Front Money Friday: Premier League Week 13

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a unique situation this weekend in the Barclays Premier League. There will be a first part of full fixtures over the weekend as usual. Then coming into the weekdays on Tuesday and Wednesday, we will have another full set of fixtures. Not sure what the English FA was thinking with Europa League looming so close, but that's besides the point. Have a look at my predictions of Week 13. 

Sunderland vs. West Bromwich Albion 
The Hawthorns continue to soar to the top of the table within and have begin to establish themselves as a top flight club not be taken lightly. Mr. Fletcher finally ended his goal drought last weekend with the boys of Sunderland on their trip to West London. With both clubs coming off strong wins, it should be an interesting match. 
The Gamble: West Bromwich Albion 

Everton vs. Norwich City
Norwich once again proved they are capable of holding their own against the big clubs as they held onto a 1-0 scoreline against Manchester United. Everton on the other hand, proved that they need to gain their focus back and keep it after dropping 3 points to former relegation zone club Reading. Everton will get that focus back this weekend against The Canaries most likely. 
The Gamble: Everton 

Stoke City vs. Fulham 
Despite their unsuspected loss last weekend against Fletcher and his men, Fulham will come to Britannia Stadium ready to grab all three points. That doesn't mean The Potters will not put up a quality fight as they always do. Shawcross will go from taking on the Swedish Ibra to the in-form Berbatov, which is a little step down, but a challenge nonetheless. Will the American and English duo be ready for him? 
The Gamble: Fulham 

Wigan Athletic vs. Reading 
Reading have finally removed that red target of relegation off their backs. Putting the right behind their weekend opponents Wigan, they look ready for the task. If they can keep up the good play they had last weekend, the red light will continue to get dimmer and dimmer. 
The Gamble: Reading 

Arsenal vs. Aston Villa 
The Gunners come off a very strong week in league and European play. After a 5-2 win over fellow London club Tottenham Hotspur, they went on to shutout French club Montpellier HSC with a result of 2-0. Aston Villa unfortunately didn't have the same kind of form last weekend. After a huge loss to Manchester City, they now find themselves in the red zone. 
The Gamble: Arsenal  

Swansea City vs. Liverpool 
Two table neighbors take each on in the coming weekend. Swansea sit in the top half in 10th as The Reds rest right below them in 11th. Liverpool escaped their Europa League competition over the week with a 2-2 draw. If they can end the slips in concentration coming into the weekend, they should look set to move up in the standings. Swansea City will certainly provide for a great duel, though. 
The Gamble: Liverpool 

Southampton vs . Newcastle United 
The Magpies finally have a chance to pick up another three points this weekend. With some very beneficial Europa League experience for the squad this season, they look ready to take on The Saints in their own home. Looks like Southampton will have to wait another week for a potential step out of the relegation zone. 
The Gamble: Newcastle United 

Chelsea vs. Manchester City
Chelsea go through managers like toilet paper. Being shutout by Italian club Juventus is not going to help their focus and confidence going into the weekend against league-leaders Manchester City either. Pulling out a draw against Real Madrid is a pretty good result for even The Citizens. Don't look for that to affect their league form at all. 
The Gamble: Manchester City 

Tottenham Hotspur vs. West Ham United
The Spurs and AVB are not looking in such good shape as of late. Despite getting a scoreless draw against Italians Lazio during the week, they are still struggling greater than that in league play. Recently promoted Hammers are doing quite the opposite. They seem to be thriving after being out of the top flight for a year. Strong rumors of French club Marseille winger Andre Ayew joining them could even further bring that point home. 
The Gamble: West Ham United

Manchester United vs. Queens Park Rangers: 
The Gamble: Manchester United 

What are your predictions? Please let me know in a comment below. And stay tuned Monday for Part 2 with the weekday matches! 


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