Friday, October 19, 2012

Front Money Friday: Premier League Week 8

While our very own 'Practice Cone' has just returned from visiting the beautiful cities of London and Manchester in England, it is only fitting that we start off your Friday with a little dose of gambling. We continue our weekly Front Money Friday's with a stellar Week 8 of the Barclays Premier League. Let us now take a look a look at my predictions. 

Tottenham Hotspur vs. Chelsea 
Chelsea still sit at the top of the table. They are looking the powerhouse of the league so far this season. The boys at White Hart Lane have home field advantage this weekend and are getting back to their usual form. But then you weight in the European competitions. 
The Gamble:  Chelsea 

Fulham vs. Aston Villa 
Craven Cottage has been a tough atmosphere to play in for traveling teams for quite some time. Duff and Berbatov continue to produce for the club up top. Aston Villa hasn't been as strong lately. 
The Gamble: Fulham 

Liverpool vs. Reading 
The newly-promoted boys are still, still struggling to get their way out of that 'Red Zone'. Liverpool on the other hand is finally looking to be picking themselves up. A great potential to grab three points and move up the table. 
The Gamble: Liverpool 

Manchester United vs. Stoke City
This weekend isn't looking good for our Americans boys' club. (Although neither will be with Stoke City due to playing for country.) Hopefully the guys still back in Stoke can pull out a result for them. Manchester United seem to have more than enough to say about that, though.
The Gamble: Manchester United

Swansea City vs. Wigan Athletic 
Swansea started out pretty strong. Then they dropped some points in their last few games. At least they will have the LIBERTY (ha..ha) of a home crowd behind them for the weekend. As Wigan look to be a pretty even matchup coming in. 
The Gamble: A Draw

West Bromwich Albion vs. Manchester City 
WBA are looking stronger than ever this season and have their loyal home crowd behind them. But this  Saturday they're playing "the other" Manchester club. Those guys look set to come in and sweep up the three points. ('Practice Cone' wouldn't be too happy if I didn't choose them either.) 
The Gamble:  Manchester City 

West Ham United vs. Southampton 
The Saints finally made their way out of the relegation danger. But then West Ham is having a great return to the top flight. Look for those boys to bring The Hammer down on the lads coming to Upton Park. 
The Gamble: West Ham United 

Sunderland vs. Newcastle United
The difference for these two clubs currently is the efficiency of their guys up top. Steven Fletcher has been on fire for Sunderland. Demba Ba just not seem to connect with his fellow players trying to feed him plays last weekend. 
 The Gamble: Sunderland


Norwich City vs. Arsenal 
The Gamble: Arsenal 

Everton vs. Queens Park Rangers 
The Gamble: Everton 


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