Friday, October 5, 2012

Front Money Friday: Premier League Week 7

Welcome to your evening edition of Front Money Friday. After some exciting Champions and Europa League action during the week, here are the predictions for this weekends Barclays Premier League to get you ready for league competition. Let the "gambling" begin... 

Manchester City vs. Sunderland 
Ethiad Stadium and the boys in sky blue look ready to host Sunderland on Saturday. Although City has not gotten have to a start indicative of reigning champions, they look set to seal the home field advantage against a bottom-half table club. 
The Gamble: Manchester City

Chelsea vs. Norwich City
The Canaries should be feeling a little more blue these days than the London club does. After a promising season after promotion last season, Norwich has not exactly picked up where they left off last season. To make matters worse, they're up against European Champions this weekend. 
The Gamble:  Chelsea 

Swansea City vs. Reading
As newly promoted Reading continue their daily struggle to get out of the relegation zone, Swansea continue their solid mid-table form. Seems to be another weekend of no justice for the boys traveling to Liberty Stadium. 
The Gamble: Swansea City 

West Bromwich Albion vs. Queens Park Rangers 
West Brom continue their best start ever in the top flight. Queens Park Rangers unfortunately pick up where the left off last season. The smaller London boys continue to fight their way (and stay) out of the relegation zone. 
The Gamble: West Bromwich Albion 

Wigan Athletic vs. Everton 
Everton continue their hot start to the season. The Merseyside lads have never looked so promising. Sitting right under leaders Chelsea in the number two spot is quite something. It's a bit unfortunate for Wigan Athletic besides having home field advantage. 
The Gamble: Everton 

West Ham United vs. Arsenal 
Having a season out of the top flight hasn't seemed to affect The Hammers much. Sitting at a solid 7th place, a win could could theoretically shoot them into 2nd place. Bit of a stretch with Arsenal looking like their getting back to their usual class. 
The Gamble: Arsenal 

Southampton vs. Fulham 
Although The Saints have finally gotten themselves out of the red zone, Fulham continues to look strong with Berbatov pressing towards the net. Saint Mary looks set to be overrun by the guys coming over from the cottage. 
The Gamble: Fulham 

Liverpool vs. Stoke City 
Liverpool finally seem to be getting back to their form and class known for many years. Especially that one Uruguayan guy Suarez up top. Then there's Stoke sitting a couple spots above in the table. They have looked especially solid in the middle and back with the edition of American Geoff Cameron (always have to fit him in somewhere). Seems to be quite an even matchup on the weekend. 
The Gamble: A Draw

Tottenham Hotspur vs. Aston Villa 
Speaking of stellar Americans... How about that Clint Dempsey?! His first goal for the London lads is monumental. The man looked pretty solid over the week in Europa League actions as well. Putting in time to get a 1-1 draw against P'thinaikos of Greece. White Hart Lane seems a place to reckon with for Aston Villa come Sunday. 
The Gamble: Tottenham Hotspur 

Newcastle United vs. Manchester United
Basically Van Persie is on fire. Rooney became the fuel on the week in Champions League. Mid-table Newcastle have their job cut out for them. Can they pull a Tottenham? Not looking as likely. 
The Gamble: Manchester United 


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