Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kansas City Trip

Livestrong Sporting Park in Kansas City
(Courtesy of Sporting KC)
Last month we posted an update on Orlando City Soccer Club's plans for a new soccer stadium and how Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer has been playing a vital role in that process.

Part of the article mentioned a trip for team officials and the Mayor to Kansas City on August 27th to tour Livestrong Sporting Park and to meet with Sporting KC and MLS staff members to discuss Orlando's stadium plans.

Due to hurricane Isaac Mayor Dyer had to cancel the trip last minute, however a new date for the trip has been set for next Friday September 14th. The trip will coincide with Sporting KC's home match against the Houston Dynamo that evening, a game that will be shown nationally on NBS Sports Network.

Although no one with the club or Mayor's office would confirm any additional details beyond touring Livestrong Sporting Park it is our understanding that the group may also be meeting with the stadium design group Populous who is also based in Kansas City is designed both Houston and Sporting KC's new stadiums. Team officials were in Houston on August 19th to tour BBVA Compass Stadium which is considered by many to be the cost-effective model for soccer specific stadiums in the future with it's total cost of around $95M. On the flip-side, the trip to Kansas City next week will show what $200M can buy for a new stadium with Livestrong Sporting Park. It is our understanding that the team is leaning towards a design very similar to Houston's but with some additional design elements from Kansas City. The seating capacity would be more in-line with Kansas City's at around 18,500 seats instead of Houston's 22,000 seat stadium.

In addition to the trip, the team's economic impact study should be made public in the next two weeks and that should provide some additional details on the stadium plans. Our article earlier this week ("So Now What") mentioned what expected in the study, so check out that post if you missed it.

As was mentioned in interviews with us in the past and mainstream media like WFTV, BrightHouse Sports Network, and the Orlando Sentinel more recently, the team's goal is to make stadium plans public in the next 12 months. It is our understanding that if the site can be locked down, the stadium plan will be made public this off-season.

Of course, as news about the stadium or anything else related to Orlando City Soccer breaks we will bring it to you here!


  1. Here's hoping planning and acceptance happens soon, because it would be nice to see work expedited for OCSC. That way, they could play the latter portion of the USL 2013 Season/Playoffs in the new venue and be primed for a 2014 MLS bid...

    ...of course, I'm anxious for them to get in as soon as possible because I'd rather their acceptance over NY2/Cosmos.

  2. Can you guys do a segment where you ask the fans what we would like to see in a stadium? That way Sir Phil Rawlins might have a glance at it and gleam a good idea or two.

    1. Zack - Go for it, tell us what you want in the new stadium and we will compile all the feedback we get into a fan-driven article. Not sure I can write an article without already having the feedback from the fans in place. Share this with the Ruckus, Iron Lion Firm, etc if you want. People can post ideas here or email me at

    2. Heres my suggestions; Downtown, with roofs over the stands like English style stadiums, bleachers in the endzones that are smoke bomb friendly, and plenty of beer choices. Dont over do the bars like they did at Amway, it draws the crowds away from the game and their seats which takes away from the atmosphere. One or two bars tops. All we really need is beer vendors with more choices, stella, blue moon, fosters, new castle, ect. Im sure you get the point. And color lighting to illuminate the stadium at after we win. Like how the Trop glows orange.

  3. Looks like you guys are joining MLS... welcome!
    Any word on which of the 2-3 sites is currently favored? Hopefully it's downtown and not in the tourist area.

    Hopefully the logo is redesigned so it doesn't look like it was created by a third grader with crayons. MLS logos don't really have animals in them, any idea what the OCSC logo for MLS could look like?

    1. I don't agree with the "created by a third grader with crayons" comment at all. Have you seen some of the logos this town has had for teams in the past? The "Orlando Thunder" quickly jump to mind, and agonizingly so.

      Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if OCSC is forced to comply with ridiculous prerequisites such as a logo change to enter MLS. Maybe a simplified lion mane-silhouette with OCSC text? Or something similar to the Cameroon National Team's logo ( )would be pretty slick.

    2. I hate to say it, but when the team makes it to MLS, about the only thing left in the logo that will be the same are the colors. The "3 Lions" logo is similar to England's national team logo and although they aren't the same, I doubt MLS would want to get into a brand/trademark lawsuit with England. I expect MLS to push Orlando to drop "Lions" and just go with "Orlando City" which would also be unique as no other MLS team currently uses this very-english suffix. We shall see!


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