Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dennis Chin to DC United?

Orlando City Forward Dennis Chin
(Courtesy of Orlando City)
UPDATE: We confirmed early on Monday Afternoon that Dennis Chin along Jerome Mechack were training with DC United as of today and could appear in tomorrow's reserve match. No further details from either club on loan details, we'll keep you posted.

Our very own reporter, "The Socialite", broke the news on Twitter Friday evening that Orlando City's star forward Dennis Chin was heading to DC United this week for a trial and potential loan through the end of the MLS season.

After Orlando crashed out of the playoffs last week, Chin was approved to go on a one week trial with the Chicago Fire, which ran through last Friday. Our understanding is that the trial went so well that the Fire were interested in signing Chin on loan through the end of the season. But there was a catch, even though MLS, USLPRO, and Orlando City approved Chin's trial with the Fire, DC United actually had labeled him with a "discovery tag".

According to MLS's Roster Rules, each team is allowed ten players per season that they can label with the "discovery tag". Basically, that team retains the rights to the player if/when their parent team, in this case Orlando City, decides to entertain bids for the loans of transfers. Each team can sign up to six of their discovery players per season and it is our understanding that DC United has only signed two of their six players so far this season. DC United has had Chin on their designated "discovery player" list for the entire season.

Here is where things get interesting; the last day for signing "discovery players" is September 15th (next Saturday) which coincides with the roster freeze date and trade deadline for MLS through the end of the season. What that means for Chin is that he will be traveling up to DC United on Monday, most likely, will have a trial with the team through Friday, the team will then have less than 24 hours to negotiate a deal with Orlando City to sign him on loan, transfer, or send him back down to O-Town. There is an outside possibility that DC United could sign Chin and then trade him to the Chicago as the Fire clearly showed enough interest in him that the "discovery player" tag discussion has come up.

In any event, this is great progress for "Chinny" who stated in our recent interview with us that his ultimate goal was to make it to MLS and play at the highest professional level possible. On the flip-side, Orlando City fans might be a little nervous at the prospect of losing one of their best players. But like last season, several Orlando players went on trial with MLS teams, only Yordany Alvarez and Lewis Neal went on to sign contracts with MLS teams. We will have to wait and see what is in the cards for Dennis Chin, but we wish him all the best this week in DC!


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