Thursday, August 30, 2012

Front Money Friday: Premier League Week 3

Editor's Note: "Front Money Friday" is a new series for our blog as a lead-in to the Barclay's Premier League weekend. It should pair up nicely with our regular "Monday Morning Keeper" recap series to give our followers a more complete look at the Premier League. When you give your paycheck to the casino cage, that's front money, so gamble wisely!

Here it is, our brand new "Front Money Friday" series is finally kicking off with Week 3 of the Barclays Premier League. Every Friday I will make my predictions for the weekend ahead of who will be victorious and provide a little reasoning behind my choices. Now let us gather around and lay down the chips on this week's clubs.

West Ham United vs. Fulham 
Andy Carroll might provide somewhat of a threat up top during set pieces, but it doesn't seem like he will provide too much of a huge spark otherwise. As long as Fulham continue their strong form as they have against Norwich City and Manchester United, they should be able to pull of the win. I don't see Dembele's departure affecting them much against the West Ham side.
The Gamble: Fulham

Swansea City vs. Sunderland
Swansea City has got off to a hot start, they look set to pass their way around Sunderland. The lack of balls in nets from Sunderland alongside Arsenal only helps the opposition's case. Although they seem to have lost Sinclair to Manchester City, they have brought in Ki Sung-Yeung from Celtic. Should not be much of an issue there.
The Gamble: Swansea City

Tottenham Hotspur vs. Norwich City 
With the strengthening of their attack through the addition of Dembele from Fulham and the poor start to the season by Norwich City, the boys at White Hart Lane should come out on top. As long as they don't lose focus and allow goals like last week against West Brom.
The Gamble: Tottenham Hotspur

West Bromwich Albion vs. Everton
Although many will probably disagree with me, I have a feeling that West Brom's drive from their home crowd and to prove the relegation predictions wrong will even out with Everton's quality of play. Both have started out fairly strong in the season. Even though Everton clearly started out stronger, WBA look to have the fight in them to pull even.
The Gamble: A Draw

Liverpool vs. Arsenal 
Liverpool had a recent solid performance in the Europa League against Hearts besides an amateur foul that led to a free kick goal. They also managed to put two in the net against Manchester City. Then, there is Arsenal who have come to scoreless draws in their last two league fixtures. Balls crossing the goal line looks in The Reds favor. But I will give Arsenal enough credit to put at least one away at Anfield.
The Gamble: Liverpool

Wigan Athletic vs. Stoke City
Stoke City has ended even in their first two matches of the season. Wigan have gotten off to a decent start as well. Even with a solid shutout of newly promoted Southampton, it seems as if the two clubs will put up the first tie of the weekend.
The Gamble: A Draw

Newcastle United vs. Aston Villa 
Newcastle started off the season with a quality win against Tottenham Hotspur. They continued with a loss against Chelsea, but still had some shining moments. Aston Villa on the other hand have not started off too well. Disappointing losses against newly promoted West Ham and a quality Everton looks to have the Toon Army's boys coming out on top.
The Gamble: Newcastle United

Manchester United vs. Southampton & Manchester City vs. Queens Park Rangers
If I explained my reasoning behind these two fixtures, I'd be Captain Obvious. Unless some crazy occurrences go on, like red cards for a simple push (Columbus vs. Philadelphia reference), the two Manchester giants should easily walk away with victories.
The Gambles: Manchester Untied & Manchester City

And that's my predictions for Week 3 of the Barclay's Premier League. Make sure to check out the "Monday Morning Keeper" next week for a full recap of the weekend matches. The international break will push off my Week 4 predictions until Friday September 14th, so check back then!


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