Friday, June 1, 2012

UPDATE: AC Milan in Pittsburgh Aug 4th

UPDATE 06-18-2012: We received word today that the friendly between AC Milan and Newcastle in Pittsburgh is not going to happen. Here are the details and information on where the teams might still play.

Out of all the summer soccer friendly rumors I have handled this summer, the AC Milan match in Pittsburgh on August 4th has been by far the most involved. The rumor started when ACM posted on their own website two weeks ago that they would play at match in the Steel City on that date. To the surprise of everyone in Pittsburgh, no one seemed to have any clue that the team would be in town. Our original article on this posted on May 23rd and you can read it here to get the back story.

Since then I have had the chance to reach out to Heinz Field, the Women's Football Alliance (WFA), and the Pittsburgh Passion (of the WFA) who all currently have the WFA National Championship scheduled for that same date at Heinz Field. Tickets for the event went on sale today as scheduled and the event is still being listed on August 4th with a 4pm start. None of the three groups have flat out stated in their responses that the game would be moved to another date, but they also would not confirm that it was still going to take place on August 4th.

With all that being said, I heard from the Washington Post's Steven Goff (via Twitter @SoccerInsider) that he is hearing that the AC Milan match is still a go for August 4th and that details should be announced shortly. Still no word on an opponent, but with Paris Saint-Germain leaving North America on July 31st, they are no longer considered an option. Celtic FC of the Scottish Premier League have been mentioned, but they would have to miss another SPL match on that date and they are already doing so for their August 11th match against Real Madrid in Philly.

We will continue to stay on top of this for our loyal Pittsburgh followers. As always you can get the latest information on this and more than 40 other summer friendlies on our "2012 Summer Friendlies" page.


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