Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Newcastle United Summer Tour 2012

UPDATE 06-18-2012: It looks like Newcastle's summer plans are in big limbo now. The South African tour has been axed and we just received word today that their match against AC Milan in Pittsburgh has been scrubbed. Here are the details.

While almost all of the teams in the Barclays Premier League have announced their pre-season summer tour plans, Newcastle United have been somewhat quiet. That's leaving a lot of Magpie fans on this side of the pond wondering whether or not their team will be making an appearance stateside again this summer.

We know for a fact that NUFC have confirmed two friendlies in England already; August 1st at Gateshead and August 11th at Cardiff City. The match on August 1st should consist of just members of the reserve and U-18 teams, so the only official senior level friendly is the match at Cardiff so far.

What this means is that the rumor of Newcastle facing off against AC Milan in Pittsburgh on August 3rd is still alive and well, however that might be the only match the team plays in the states this summer. While NUFC were quick to commit to several pre-season matches in the US last summer, they have been playing a bidding war with tournament organizers based on their higher stock value from a top five finish in the league this season.

The bidding war has been going on since April when Newcastle were very close to signing on for a friendly against the Philadelphia Union until talks collapsed because NUFC was unwilling to sign the contract, holding out for more money. Next the Magpies looked to South Africa and the pre-season Vodacom Challenge that takes place there each July. Indications are that Newcastle will be taking part in the tourney which is tentatively scheduled for July 22nd-28th with venues to be determined.

The bottom line for Newcastle fans in North America is that based on the match information we have, it looks like the August 3rd date in Pittsburgh will be your only chance to catch the team this summer. There is an outside chance that they could play a second match in the August 5th-8th time frame, most likely on the east coast just to double their money for the trip. I'll suggest the idea of it being at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro against the New England Revolution simply because Robert Kraft has been quiet on friendlies for this summer and they usually have at least one.

I'll keep an ear to the pavement for the latest information on NUFC's pre-season summer tour plans and post that on the blog as it becomes available. In the meantime make sure to check out the most extensive list of 2012 Summer Friendlies on the internet at our link here.


  1. What? They don't want to play Orlando again then?

    1. I would give it about a zero percent chance. It's not because Orlando wasn't a great match up last summer, it's a money grab for the Magpies. Stoke and Nottingham are both great matches for the Lions in July.

    2. With such a big money making town here in L.A. how come they aren't looking to make the trip out here to the west coast?

    3. Jacob - The issue with summer friendlies is not an issue with LA, but an issue with the west coast. Teams don't want to travel to LA, Seattle, Portland, and such because of the time difference. Most of the teams are coming from Europe and the additional 3 hour time change for one or two matches on the west coast isn't worth it. Luckily Chelsea will be in Seattle and Real Madrid in LA for matches this summer.


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