Friday, June 1, 2012

AC Milan v Newcastle in Pittsburgh August 3

Rumor: AC Milan v Newcastle United
at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh August 3

UPDATE 06-21-2012: AC Milan didn't wait long to reschedule their match, only now it is at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA against Cruzeiro on August 4th; the full story here.

UPDATE 06-18-2012: We just received word that the friendly between AC Milan and Newcastle in Pittsburgh on August 3rd is not going to happen. We have all the details in this updated article here.

The Washington Post's Steven Goff updated his sources via Twitter tonight on the rumored AC Milan match in Pittsburgh to include this information:

Steven Goff (@SoccerInsider)
"AC Milan v Newcastle Aug 3 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh in the works but NOT finalized #nufc @ACMilan"

This would make all the sense in the world with the Women's Football Alliance National Championship scheduled at Heinz Field at 4pm on Saturday August 4th. The Friday night soccer match could take place and then the field could be painted the next morning for American football. That would resolve the logistics of holding both games on the same field on the same day as previously reported.

The one catch with this rumor is Newcastle who have been playing a bidding war for their pre-season tour. Last we heard they were heading to South Africa for a summer tournament, but if this holds true you have to wonder if NUFC will have any other dates in the United States.

We will stay on top of the latest details on this and all the other summer friendlies coming to North America this summer. Make sure to check out all the information and more than 40 other matches on our "2012 Summer Friendlies" page.


  1. Any update on this game actually happening?

  2. The latest is that the match appears to be a go for August 3rd, however Newcastle has been the hang up. They are still trying to iron out their summer tour plans and haven't signed off on the PITT match yet. Regardless, AC Milan will be playing someone at Heinz Field on August 3rd. Expect an official announcement next week at the latest.

  3. HUGE Milan fan here in Pittsburgh and I am very pleased that they are coming here to play a match! I dont care if they play a local High School team just so I can see Milan take the pitch!! FORZA MILAN

  4. so is this game happening?...and when is it going to be (date/time)?

    1. Should be 7:30pm at Heinz Field on Friday August 3rd. No official confirmation from the stadium or teams just yet, expecting it to be finalized soon.

  5. ok please keep us updated

  6. When do you think tickets will go on sale?

  7. is this game happening!?

  8. BREAKING: Just getting word that the AC Milan v Newcastle United match scheduled for Heinz Field in Pittsburgh on August 3rd is not going to happen after all. I have posted an updated story here:


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