Wednesday, May 16, 2012

World Soccer Masters Tour

We had mentioned in some of our previous 2012 US summer friendly articles that Florida would not be absent from the list of matches for long. Such was the case last week when we confirmed the Chelsea v AC Milan match scheduled for FedEx Field in Washington was getting moved to Miami on July 24th. Now we can confirm another rumor that had been floating around the last few weeks, the World Soccer Masters Tour will stop in Miami on June 23rd.

We first heard about this two weeks ago from some European message boards and thought nothing of it mainly because it just said Lionel Messi was trying to organize a summer tour. Juan Arango at the Miami Examiner broke the story on Sunday that indeed an exhibition under the title "World Soccer Masters Tour" would be held at Sun Life Stadium outside of Miami on June 23rd. If this sounds somewhat familiar to you it is probably because you remember Pele's "World Cup of Masters" that pulled into Miami back in 1991.

Unlike the 35 year old plus players then, the list for this match appears to be worth the price of admission. In addition to Messi will reportedly be: Clint Dempsey, Didier Drogba, Luis Suarez, Javier Mascherano, Diego Floran, Carlos Bocanegra, Jozy Altidore, Dani Alves, Falcao, Diego Milito, Antonio Cassano, Julio Cesar, Diego Lugano, Ariel Ortega, Edinson Cavani, Gabriel Milito, Ezequiel Lavezzi, Alessandro Nesta, Marco Materazzi, Lucio and others. Our understanding is that it will be a straight up 90 minute match with teams yet to be determined.

Tickets went on sale yesterday through TicketMaster with $38 getting you an upper bowl seat and $450 getting you a field seat. This is like the Woodstock of soccer, and just like the case was back then with bands, the performers are subject to change. However, if all holds true, this will end up being one of the best friendly dates of the summer.


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