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Monday Morning Keeper: EPL Week 38

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If you were a regular follower of Monday Morning Keeper this season you may remember back to Week 32 when my long time friend, B.Mac, called "dagger" on Manchester City's title hopes. How could you blame him? Eight points back with six matches to play, find me a person not on the City squad that thought they still had a chance to win the title. Perhaps B.Mac knew all along that City were going to win the title, much like Mancini played mind games with Ferguson, saying that United would still win the title right up to the final match of the season. So it goes without saying, a new word has been added to our B.Mac vocabulary for the first time... "retraction".

On 4/8, I called a #dagger on the @premierleague season. My first retracted dagger could not be more joyous... #MCFC #BPL #Champions

No better a retraction than the one that pulls your team from the gallows and put them on the king's throne. I don't even know what that means, it just sounded cool.

From the start of the season it was a two horse race between the Manchester teams, but no one on the planet could have imagined it would end in this fashion. I'm not going to bore you with a breakdown of what happened in the matches, but give you a timeline of the events and the ebb and flow of emotions that followed both squads (all times Eastern):

1020: Title to United; Rooney scores on a header, Man U up 1-0
1039: Title to City; Zabaleta's shot takes a high bounce and falls over the line, City up 1-0
1045: Half time for both matches
1108: Title to United; Lescott back heads a ball to Cisse who scores to even the match, City 1-1 QPR
1126: Title to United; Traore with a perfect cross to Mackie who heads it home, City 1-2 QPR
1151: Title to United; Dzeko scores in the second minute of stoppage time to even the score, City 2-2 QPR
1154: Title to City; with seconds left Aguero scores the go ahead, City 3-2 QPR
1156: Title to City; it's over, City win for the first time in 44 years

There was an interesting stat that followed City around all season, that they averaged three goals per match. Funny how quickly we forget to always trust the law of averages, it just takes time.

The top and bottom of the table looks like this to finish up the season. Reading and Southampton are already promoted for next season with Blackpool and West Ham to decide the third promotion slot this Saturday. It's sad to see Bolton relegated considering how many injuries they have been dealing with, but hopefully they will be back up after next season.

1. Man City - 89 pts, +64 GD (28-5-5)
2. Man United - 89 pts, +56 GD (28-5-5)
3. Arsenal- 70 pts, +25 GD (21-7-10)
4. Tottenham - 69 pts, +25 GD (20-9-9)
5. Newcastle - 65 pts, +5 GD (18-8-10)
16. Aston Villa - 38 pts, -16 GD (7-17-14)
17. QPR - 37 pts, -23 GD (10-7-21)
18. Bolton - 36 pts, -31 GD (10-6-22)
19. Blackburn - 31 pts, -30 GD (8-7-23)
20. Wolverhampton - 25 pts, -42 GD (5-10-23)

We will have our post-season awards article for you later this week, as always thanks for following the Monday Morning Keeper this season. We will be back in August when the 2012-13 Premier League season kicks-off! In the meantime, enjoy your summer.


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