Wednesday, May 23, 2012

AC Milan in Pittsburgh August 4th?

UPDATE 06-01-2012: Looks like the details are falling into place, but instead it will be on Friday August 3rd, AC Milan v Newcastle United. Read our newest article for the details here.

UPDATE 05-31-2012: Well it appears that if this match is going to happen it will be at Heinz Field. I can so with confidence from my sources in and around PNC Park, there is no chance the stadium can host the match on Aug 4th and a Pirate's home game two days later. I have reached out to the owners of the Women's Football Team, the Pittsburgh Passion, who have their league's championship at Heinz on August 4th and have not heard a straight out "no" that the game will be moved to another date, perhaps August 5th. However, I have heard that if the match does take place it will be AC Milan and Paris Saint-Germain. However, I have also heard the match could be moved to Montreal or Foxborough, that is why the details have not been finalized.

UPDATE 05-25-2012: I spoke with both Heinz Field and PNC Park special event coordinators this morning. Both have assured me that if there is something in the works for either facility that it is at a level above them because they have heard nothing regarding the August 4th match. PNC Park still is showing that day as open with the Pirates on the road and the World Football Challenge is also using Wrigley and Yankee Stadium as part of their tour. We will stay on top of this information and let you know when we find out more.

I'm not sure where this rumor is heading, but after posting the information earlier today about AC Milan's matches against Chelsea in Miami and Real Madrid in New York, I came across this posting on the team website:

"We’ll play Chelsea on 28 July in Miami – announced Adriano Galliani today – then on 4 August in Pittsburg, we’ll play against another team yet to be decided and we’ll have a friendly against Real Madrid on 8 August in New York in the marvelous New York Yankee stadium”.

Pittsburgh? Seriously? I checked with my friend who works in sports in Pittsburgh, he has heard nothing of this rumor. I called over to PNC Park and the Pirates are on the road that day but have a home game on August 6th. I called over to Heinz Field and they are scheduled to have a women's football game that day, which would surely be rescheduled if the rumor was true. I doubt a team as big as AC Milan would play at the Riverhounds home of Highmark Stadium which has 5,000 seats.

As of right now this looks like something lost in translation, however we are working our sources and will keep you posted because it makes perfect sense that AC Milan would add a third date on their US Tour.


  1. Allan from PittsburghMay 24, 2012 at 1:10 PM

    Milan isn't my favorite team, but Id kill to have this game in my backyard. Tell me its true!

  2. i work at heinz field and as right now they havent told us about this game if i hear anything i will post it

  3. Sef from PhiladelphiaMay 26, 2012 at 12:20 PM

    I think he meant Philadelphia as it says here: MILAN - Massimiliano Allegri is already looking ahead to next season when the team will start training on 9 July. “On 24 July we’ll play a friendly against Schalke 04 in Gelsenkirchen and then on 27 July we’ll leave for the States were we’ll stay until 8 August. We’ll have a game on 28th in Miami, and then we’ll move to Philadelphia where we’ll play another 2 matches.” The date for the Luigi Berlusconi Trophy to be played in Milan in August has yet to be decided.
    Here is the link

  4. talked to grounds people and other high ups at pnc and they said they would not have enough time to switch it back for the pirates by that monday. so maybe heinz but as of now pnc is out

  5. any update on this?
    They would have to kick the womens football team out. They would make way more cash with AC Milan.
    Didnt Inter play at Heinz field about 10 years ago? Was it a success?

  6. I can confirm that if there is a match in Pittsburgh that it won't be at PNC Park. I have heard from several people associated with the stadium and the pirates and I have been told that they could not get the field converted back to baseball in 2 days for the Aug 6th Pirate's next home game. Yes Heinz has a women's football league game that day, but that would be rescheduled to Sunday most likely. The bigger news is that I am hearing the match may be moved out of Pittsburgh all together, potentially to Montreal. Right now it seems if people at Heinz know something about the match they are not telling anyway.

    The last match I can remember at Heinz was Chelsea v AS Roma in 2004, pretty solid crowd around 50k.


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