Monday, April 16, 2012

US Soccer Home 2012/13 Jersey

USMNT/USWNT 2012/2013 Home Jersey
(Courtesy of
We have scene some leaked photos of the new Nike 2012/13 US Soccer kit going back to almost six months ago and feared for the worst. Red and White stripes as they called it, but hoops to the rest of the world. We had hoped it was just a cruel marketing "bait-and-switch" technique, but we learned today that's not the case as US Soccer officially released the new kit on their website.

You can read all about the details on, but here is what I think of it.

1. Finally some unity between the USMNT and USWNT kits for a change. Considering these teams will both be playing in the Olympics, oh wait, at least the women made it. Honestly, it's better branding for US Soccer to put similar appearances on the field for each team so it provides a uniform look for media packages, photographs, etc.

2. When I saw the jersey on a cell phone picture back over the winter, it was laying on some one's desk. I threw up in my mouth a little bit when I saw it thinking the marketing brains at Nike might have missed the ball with this one. Now that I see it on Clint Dempsey and Alex Morgan on the US Soccer site, it actually looks pretty good. Of course, what doesn't look good on Alex Morgan?

3. They say that the jersey was inspired by the American flag, which is pretty clear, but it also has a very American feel to it. I don't know if it's the horizontal stripes or the way blue is worked into the collar, but it just seems like something that people would wear here on the 4th of July even if they didn't like soccer.

The new kits go on sale tonight at midnight East Coast time. We will have to see how the soccer public reacts to the new threads.


  1. You stole my comment on #2: "The new jersey looks great on Hope Solo and Alex Morgan...but what doesn't?" :) You nailed it.

  2. I would absolutely wear it! And not just so that people might start confusing me with Alex Morgan...

  3. Where's Waldo?
    Both this kit and the away one aren't the ugliest ones int he world, but they are contenders.


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