Monday, April 30, 2012

Unimportant Numbers: Manchester Derby

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The day is finally here. We've known about it for over 8 months, the second and final EPL Manchester Derby of the season between City and United. While just a few weeks ago it seemed that the match would have little to no impact on the title race, a few wins and losses and the match will likely decided who will lift the trophy.

For those in the States, the match has been moved from ESPN2 to ESPN due to the increased viewership that is expected; the pre-game begins at 2:30pm ET. The "mothership" of the ESPN family has been pumping the match all weekend with at least one commercial every break and mentions on SportsCenter and of course during Saturday's match. And while all the networks and soccer websites have been offering up numbers such as records in the derby, home v away wins, and so on, we thought it was important to mention some of the "other numbers" that might fail to make the broadcast.

We present to you the Manchester Derby by the numbers... the unimportant numbers.

2,620 - The number of tickets allotted to Manchester United supporters out of the total 47,805 ticketed seats at the Etihad Stadium

9.4 - The driving distance in kilometers (5.8 miles) from Old Trafford to the Etihad Stadium

200 - The number of additional police officers expected beyond the typical security allotment for a Manchester Derby

3.4, 2.2, 3.2 - Current odds for a draw, City win, and United win, respectively, on a one pound wager in England

9.65 - The number of kilometers (6 miles) on average that a midfielder will cover in a 90 minute match

4000 - The estimated number of hair plugs Wayne Rooney received during his pre-season surgery per The Daily Mail

60,000 - The attendance record for the Etihad set during an Oasis concert in 2005

83 - The number of yellow cards handed out by derby match referee Andre Marriner during the 2011/12 Premier League Season (also has shown 5 red cards).

1300 - The price in pounds ($2,114 USD) that tickets are being sold for online for the derby

4 - The distance in kilometers (2.5 miles) from City Centre to the Etihad designated as the "alcohol exclusion zone" prior to the match


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