Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Summer Lovin' 2012

Summer is nearly here and for the three-hundred million of us living in America we are afforded a great privilege as the temperatures rise and the days grow longer. I'm not talking about trips to the beach, family barbeques, or road trips with friends. No sir, I am talking about the magic of the summer friendly schedule for soccer matches hosted in this great nation of ours.

Every year teams from Europe travel to the United States to play each other or any number of MLS teams in a series of pre-season matches. Most teams setup camp somewhere and play somewhere between two and three matches over a two week period. It's a great chance for the teams to expand their fan base, make some extra cash, and get in some quality practice time before the season begins.

The 2012 US Tour of soccer summer friendlies is almost all the big names in English, Italian, and Spanish soccer are announced or are rumored to have matches planned in the states. Just like last year we are keeping an open thread of all the tour dates as they are announced and any rumors that are confirmed from multiple sources.

This year we've decided to make a tab on our homepage, "2012 US Friendlies", where you can find all of the latest dates for matches as they become available. We will update this page as needed and will occasionally send out a reminder post on Facebook and Twitter to let our followers know of new dates. If you have the means, get out there and check out a match or two this summer.


  1. Thank you so much for having all that info in one place!! It was so hard for me to track that stuff down last summer!!

  2. No problem! Make sure to spread the word and keep checking back because we will post new matches as we hear about them. We are expecting one or two matches in Orlando (like last year) and a match in Miami for our fans in Florida.

  3. Will you update the page when tickets go on sale for the current friendlies you have posted?

    1. Zach, let me get to work on the dates and links for tickets. I know several of the matches are on sale now, so check back later today and I will hook you up with the info!


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