Thursday, April 5, 2012

Oh No Mario

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It seems like our favorite Manchester City player is at it again, not on the pitch but off. When it might have been enough to have a story break today about hooking up with a call girl that Wayne Rooney had been caught with before, now we add a late day car accident to the mix.

If you haven't heard the news, Mario Balotelli through his spokesperson, admitted to having a relationship with "caller to the ballers" Jennifer Thompson back a few month ago. This matter makes news only because of the fact that Ms. Thompson was the same go-to hire that Rooney allegedly used along with another girl when he was found cheating on his wife back in 2012, who just happen to be five months pregnant at the time. It also makes news because Mr. Balotelli is apparently heavily involved with Italian reality star, Raffaella Fico, who was the subject of his "Raffaella ti amo" shirt after scoring in the Blackburn match.

Just when you thought that would be enough for Super Mario for one day, he happens to get in a car accident with his $250k Bentley coupe on his way home from the stadium in Manchester this afternoon. Police say the accident wasn't his fault and that he wasn't hurt, but based on the scene it looks like it might cost him a few pounds to get his whip fixed.

The good news is that he hasn't set his house on fire today launching fireworks from his bathroom window or been pulled over by the cops with wads of cash hanging out of his glove box. Then again, the night is young.

We love you Mario, don't ever stop being awesome!


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