Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Orlando MLS 2013: The Petition

Here we go kids. We are just over a week away from MLS Commissioner Don Garber's town hall meeting with Orlando City supporters on March 1st. While these events with "the soccer don" have been dog and pony shows in the past, this time it is on our turf, it is our chance to get our foot in the door. Just like the supporters of our opponent this past weekend, Sons of Ben, we need to continue to push our grass roots campaign to get Major League Soccer in Orlando. Our friends over at Reeves Army had a great article and uniting all of the supporter groups for 2012; something that we fully support and see as the only way for the various groups to move forward together.

On behalf of ALL of the support groups, we are starting a petition, a chance for all the individual voices to be heard as one. We are starting this one week before the town hall meeting, and although we wish we could have 10,000 signatures by then we know that this is a process and will take time. We ask that you sign this petition if you want to see Major League Soccer back in Florida, specifically in Orlando. We will collect all the names and submit them on behalf of Orlando City and the supporter groups with a letter to Don Garber in the near future.

What we need you to do:
1) Sign the petition
2) Spread the word

To make it easy the petition can be found at it's own address:

Or you can access the petition through our site at the address below: click on the "Orlando MLS 2013" tab


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