Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Jersey. No, not THAT New Jersey. The NEWB's Jersey...

"The Newb" sporting his MCFC Kit
First of all, let me be the last to wish you a Happy Halloween and Thanksgiving. The Newb's been out of commission for quite a while, during a 125-mile relocation from Boston to his new home in Maine. You'll be relieved, though, he's got his Fox Soccer hooked up, and even got Fox Soccer Plus (in HD!) through the new cable company.

Next: The Newb got his first Premiere League jersey just before the big move! (Of course, it came just in time to get worn once or twice, then get shoved in a box for a few weeks...) Of course, it's a Man City kit - I went with the 2011 Third, for a lot of reasons, but mostly that it looked the most like my old University of Maine colors - and dark blue is slimming, right?!? I'll tell you this: I love the thing. It's one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing I own, and what's better than being even MORE comfortable while in my easy chair watching what is - so far - a great season for Citeh? Also, as an aside, I don't think I've worn anything by Umbro since I was playing high school soccer... So that's a nice feature, too. When I ordered it, I was still doing my research on players and all, so I hadn't a clue, as to whose name to get on the back - so I went with a blank jersey this time. Had I decided on a player after the first game, no question it would've been Aguero; after the second and third? Dzeko. There have been times that I would've gone with Milner, Super Mario, or Kompany. And I'm a big De Jong supporter, as well. But now?? I'm a Silva guy. I can't get enough of watching David Silva play. He shoots when he needs to, leaves it off for the snipers when he should, and sees the field better than anyone I've seen in my limited time as a viewer. It's a privilege to watch him play, and I'd anticipate that there'll be an order for a 2012 David Silva kit coming to my Maine address next August. 
And last but not least: what a terrific draw for the UEFA Euro 2012 last week! As a newb to the Premier League, I'm learning a ton about Manchester, Stoke, and Arsenal, but I'm also getting a great crash course in international soccer, as well. The BPL obviously draws some of the best talent in the world; from a few months of watching Chelsea, Fulham, and Newcastle, I've gotten to know players from Spain, Belgium, and Holland. As such, I'm feeling better prepared than ever for the upcoming international tournaments, and I'm especially excited to see next year's Euro - particularly Groups B and C. Group D, with England-France looks fun, but each game of the B and C round robins look like they could be just great.

Thanks for bearing with me during the move... More Newb posts should be coming more frequently in the future, now that we're settled. As always, feel free to email questions, comments, or ideas to Newb@ScoringThird.com and don't forget to follow us on Twitter @ScoringThird.


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