Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bring in "The Newb"

At "The Scoring Third" we strive to be all-inclusive, kind of like Club Med, so that soccer fans new and old can all find common ground on our site. We tend to keep our pieces simple and light-hearted because we don't take ourselves or our work seriously. With this in mind we wanted to add a new angle to our site for the upcoming season. Why not find a fan that is brand new to the sport, particularly EPL soccer, and follow them to see how they find their way through the landscape? How do you choose a team to follow? What's it like going to a bar for a big match for the first time? What is a Christmas Tree formation anyway?

Over the summer we held a nationwide search for just the right fan to be crowned the title of "The Newb". After interviewing two candidates (EEO requirement) we found our man. Hailing from Boston via the great state of Maine, "The Newb" is no fair-weather sports fan. He enjoys fine bourbon, finer women, and the occasional Swisher Sweet; all necessary to become fully entrenched in the EPL.

Introductions are for in-laws and first dates, let's hear it straight from the source. "The Scoring Third" is pleased to welcome "The Newb" to our reporting ranks!

The Newb... in his own words

I haven't had to select a team loyalty in a long time. I have been a fan of my NFL, MLB, and NBA teams for a really long time, and I couldn't even tell you, aside from family and/or geography, how I started rooting for them in the first place.

But here comes an NBA lockout, and my sporting life ADHD kicked in quickly. Many of my friends are soccer fans, specifically Premier League fans. So, I said, here goes nothin' - let's try out English Soccer! But...who to root for? Clearly, being in NEW England, there isn't much in the way of geographic ties to the olde country. After scouring the BPL for things like: players I recognized, coaching philosophy, color schemes (really), histories, and on and on, finalists included:
  • Liverpool (a natural connection, with Red Sox ownership and a TV presence on NESN)
  • QPR (was told I would "look good in hoops," plus I'm a sucker for an underdog); -Fulham (big Clint Dempsey fan here)
  • Manchester City (college colors, friends are fans)
I realized, what fun is this if I can't share it? Especially when I'm new to all this, I need people to share ideas with, ask questions of, and cheer alongside. So... Man City it is!! Of course given the result of the first week, I couldn't be happier - Hey Ho Aguero!

So, that's the first impression from a newbie. I hope you'll bear with me, as I delve into soccer fandom, trying things out, making mistakes, and developing a lifelong love for something new.

Are you new to the sport as well? Want "The Newb" to answer the soccer questions you are too embarrassed to ask your friends? Emailing him at


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