Tuesday, September 14, 2010

11 Questions: Nick May (US Soccer Prospect)

Here at TS/3 we strive to respond to our readers and one reoccurring theme has been getting some interviews with soccer stars. We sat in our executive offices (cubical) and thought long and hard about what type of questions we would ask to players that would set us apart from other blogs and news sources. After several minutes we came up with a list of rapid fire questions that cover the gamut of soccer and life. We came up with a creative name, “11 Questions”, and put it to the test.

Last week Yahoo! Sports featured a story on US soccer prospect, Nick May, who recently agreed to join the youth academy for Argentina club powerhouse Estudiantes. A local boy (Senior at Oviedo High School, Oviedo, FL) we figured Nick could use a plug and would make a great candidate to be our first 11 Questions player. In addition to spending time in Argentina Nick received a trail offer in England with the Queens Park Rangers of the Championship League even receiving a start in a youth match against Crystal Palace. Visa concerns prevented QPR from making a formal offer for Nick to join their youth program, but the Estudiantes opportunity offered a chance to train and play with another quality team. Enough said, let’s get to the questions…

1. You got game. What gaming system are you playing these days?
I have Xbox 360 and usually I play FIFA '10

2. What sport would you be playing if you didn’t play soccer?
I would probably be playing tennis. I played tennis for a long time till I had to decide between it and soccer. Plus my whole family plays tennis.

3. Which professional club would you want to join if you had the chance?
The two teams I would love to play for are Barcelona and Tottenham. I would pick Barcelona because my two favorite players, Xavi and Iniesta, both play for Barca. And I would pick Tottenham because it's my favorite EPL team.

4. When the US hosts the world cup, what would you name the ball?
I have no idea what I would name the world cup ball. (Good question)

5. Justin Bieber might be coming to town, but who do you really want to see in concert?
I would really like to see Nickelback in concert! I really like a lot of their songs!

6. Put me in coach. If you were coaching yourself as a player, what area would you tell yourself to focus on for improvement?
The biggest thing I would tell myself to work on is my quickness and by that I mean my first step.

7. Game day, 1 hour before kick-off, what's on in your headphones for motivation?
1 hour before a game I'm usually listening to This Afternoon by Nickelback.

8. Team spirit. Who's your favorite sports team to cheer for outside of soccer?
Outside of soccer I cheer for the Orlando Magic because basketball is one of my favorite sports and they are my hometown team.

9. Chance of a lifetime. Would you give up your soccer career if you had a chance to fly into space?
I wouldn't give up soccer for anything.

10. Have it your way. When you're in the US, what fast food chain are you visiting?
I love Tijuana Flats!! I always get the chicken chimichangas, it's the best!

11. Coming to a theater near you. Who would play the part of you in a movie about your life?
I'm not sure who I would like to play my part in a movie but Matt Damon is one of my favorite actors!

Thanks to Nick May for answering our questions, keep an eye out for him as an up and coming US soccer youth prospect!


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