Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Morning Keeper - EPL Week 3

For the second week in a row I had to resort to replays and highlight shows for the majority of my information on the EPL’s weekend matches. Being on the road for work prevented me from getting “Monday Morning Keeper” out for Week 2, and anything after Monday is rather pointless.

What’s more embarrassing, a loss to Wigan or a loss to Sunderland? That is the question that new blood title hopefuls Tottenham and Manchester City found themselves asking after the weekend’s results. Tottenham looked awful at best with only two real opportunities to score against Wigan who had allowed a total of 10 goals in their first two matches. Wigan coach Roberto Martinez (who we love his ESPN world cup commentary and hope gets a better gig next season) said that although his squad has been beaten likely an ugly stepchild since the start of the season they are a group of headstrong individuals who can still compete is this league. Of course, we all remember Wigan dropping eventual title winners Chelsea 3-1 early last season, but that was at home which may have played a factor, so early season heroics are not uncommon for the team. Manchester City, on the other hand, traveled to a mid-level Sunderland team who decided to play for a single point but ended up walking away with a win due to a late penalty kick by Darren Bent. Although City dominated possession, the timing still seemed off and with Carlos Tevez missing a open net that even a U-13 benchwarmer could make, Sunderland was able to stay in the match. The gift of a PK in stoppage time was legitimate and although Joe Hart had put on the Superman cape numerous times this season, he couldn’t stop the shot. So the answer to the question of who should be more embarrassed is Tottenham. White Hart Lane is a tough place to play, but now Tottenham has hosted two of their first three matches and have only managed a single point.

Spoiler alert… if you haven’t caught a Newcastle United match yet this season you might be missing out on the best kept secret in the EPL, striker Andy Carroll. Don’t tell anyone, but Mr. Carroll is tied for the league lead with 4 goals already this season including a hat trick against Aston Villa in Week 2. This week he was able to provide a equalizing goal in the second half as Toon was able to hold on for the tie and single point to move them into the top ten in the league standings. Carroll is born and raised in Newcastle and has been part of the NUFC system since he started his professional career back in 2006. He is what every team would hope for, a farm grown talent that captivates the home crowd and delivers goals.

It’s still early in the season, but let’s take a look at our penthouse owners and basement dwellers in the standings right now:

1. Chelsea – 9 Pts, +14 GD (3-0-0)
2. Arsenal – 7 Pts, +7 GD (2-0-1)
3. Manchester United – 7 Pts, +6 GD (2-0-1)
4. Aston Villa – 6 Pts, -2 GD (2-1-0)
17. Wigan Athletic – 3 Pts, -9 GD (1-2-0)
18. Everton – 1 Pts, -2 GD (0-2-1)
19. Stoke City – 0 Pts, -4 GD (0-3-0)
20. West Ham United – 0 Pts, -8 GD (0-3-0)

No games this coming weekend, so leave your house on Saturday morning for a change!


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