Wednesday, August 11, 2010

5 reasons NOT to choose an EPL team

Kick-off for the English Premier League is this Saturday and with the wave of international soccer interest following the world cup, many new fans will be following the EPL for the first time. Although it is not necessary to have a regular rooting interest to watch the league, a lot of great soccer websites have offered suggestions on how new fans can choose an EPL team to follow. We at “The Scoring Third” always like to be different, so we present you with 5 reasons NOT to choose a certain team.

1. Choosing one of the “Big 3” – Chelsea, Manchester United, and Arsenal have plenty of fans stateside and internationally with their jerseys available in any quality sports store. Although many fans are loyal followers, like any sport some fans are quicker to jump on the sure thing (we’re talking to you first year Miami Heat fans). Instead, get a little crazy and go with one of the 3 teams promoted from the Championship League last season; Newcastle United, West Bromwich Albion, and Blackpool.

2. Choosing a team based on jersey – Unlike professional leagues in the United States, EPL teams change their jersey styles more often than Larry King changes wives. Sponsors are usually changed every two years, which lead to most of the changes, but sometimes teams are seeking a different look to rid them of struggles from the previous season.

3. Choosing a team based on a US player – Sure you can root for Fulham because of Clint Dempsey or Everton because of Tim Howard, but that’s not a reason alone to pick a team. If you are feeling the world cup itch, look for a team that might have 3 or 4 names you remembered from other world cup teams, many have signed new contracts in the weeks following the tournament.

4. Choosing a team based on their previous season record – If you were to do that in 2010 you would have come up short with Manchester United since Chelsea won the league. This year is wide open with Chelsea, Manchester United, and Arsenal will all be in contention. However Tottenham and Manchester City took advantage of the summer transfer window and either team could compete for the title.

5. Choosing a team based on City – If you say, “I’ve been to London, so I’ll pick London,” think again. The London metro area will have 5 teams competing this season (Arsenal, Chelsea, Fulham, Tottenham, and West Ham United). If you are going by city look to Blackpool who is rejoining the league after a 39 year hiatus and whose stadium had less than half the size of the second smallest stadium in the league (12,555 seats last season).

The bottom line is that the EPL will offer you entertaining soccer from August through June, so pick a team and let the games begin!


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